• Officers
    • Jess Ihrke                           Chair, Smat-HR
    • John Wade                         Vice-Chair, Clements Chevolet
    • Guy Finne                          Secretary-Treasurer, Mayo Clinic-HR
    • Mark Utz                           Past Chair, Wendland Utz, Ltd.
    • Board Members
    • Ruth Bello                         Mayo School of Health Sciences
    • Aaron Benike                    Alvin E. Benike, Inc.
    • Nate Birkholz                    Merchants Bank
    • Dan Christianson               F&M Community Bank of Preston
    • Jim Clausen                       Community Volunteer
    • Mary Davenport                RCTC
    • Gail Dennison                    The Hormel Institute
    • Jeanine Gangeness             Winona State University-Rochester
    • Jay Hesley                         University of Minnesota Rochester
    • Hal Hendeson                    HGA Architects
    • Randy Johnson                   Workforce Development Inc.
    • Brad Jones                        Rochester Convention/Visitors Bureau
    • Ken Kurth                         Mayo Clinic
    • Jennie Lemire                    IBM - Rochester
    • Mark Matuska                   Kasson Mantoville Schools
    • Nick Campion                   Rochester City Council
    • Kathy Meyerle                  Community Volunteer
    • Julie Bock                         Chamber of Commerce Foundation
    • Michael Munoz                  Rochester Public Schools
    • Nate Nordstrom                BrandHoot Web Design
    • Ken Brown                        Olmsted County Commissioner
    • Patricia Rogers                  Provost/VP for WSU Academic Affairs
    • Gary Smith                        RAEDI
    • Tim Weir                           Olmsted Medical Center

    Ex-Officio Board Members

    • Rep. Tina Liebling             State Representative
    • Sen. Carla Nelson             State Senator
    • Rep. Duane Sauke              State Representative
    • Rep. Nels Pierson             State Representative
    • Rep. Duane Quam            State Representative
    • Sen. Dave Senjem            State Senator                                                                          


    • Don Supalla                      GRAUC Executive Director
    • Mona Permann                 GRAUC Executive Assistant                                                                                                                                                                       3/23/17





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